Friday, September 21, 2012

Meanwhile. . .Back On The Home Front

Lesley is doing an amazing job with my kids!  Are we surprised?  No.  She is Mary Poppins and Wonder Woman all at the same time!  She (L) recorded the commentary by Tiki (T), Dax (D) and Gabby (G) as they were reading my last Bangalore post and here is how it went down:

D:  This is no fair, they're showing off!
D:  Maggie is gonna show off so much when she gets home!
T:  hahahahahahahahahah, Tikki burger. . .they ate me!
G:  Awww, no fair, Maggie got Wheat Thins and Sprite.  That's why I wanted to go with Mommy.  I want Sprite!
D:  No fair, those kids have TRIPLE bunk beds!
L:  D-man, they may have fun beds, but they don't have parents.
D:  Yeah, you're right.  That's not better at all.
G:  Cool, that girl has skin color like mine!
T:  hahahahahahah!  Maggie's alseep on that cool bed!
G:  Awww, Maggie looks so cute!
D:  Not fair, Mom's just showing off putting these pictures on here, she's making me jealous!

After they finished the pics. . . T:  So, are they in India yet?

Hysterical!  You'll need to go back a couple of posts to follow that commentary.  My kiddos!  I love them!

Lesley also sent some pictures.
She took the kids to the Fire Men vs. Police Men softball game and I guess Dax got to try on an oxygen mask.
Of course Lesley made a great big deal out of Hays's birthday for me.  Thanks, Les!

I think this was part of Hays's birthday breakfast.  Cutie pie!

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