Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GabRihanna: Tap, Jazz & Ballet

Gabby started dance classes this week!  She loves them!  This is her GabRihanna Mohawk and she loves it (Andy claims it is her best do yet)!

 She was all geared up for tap and jazz on Monday. . .sporting the new do and the outfit and the bag.  She was on cloud nine!  I wish you could have felt her excited energy.  What a hoot!  The talent is still lurking somewhere deep inside of her, but the look has been mastered (however, we were asked to only wear black leotard with pink tights in the future--fashion police).

Tuesday was day one of ballet.  We got an A+ for dress code this time and she loved another day in the dance studio.
Recitals in the Spring. . .start watching AirFareWatchDog now for good plane tickets to Durango!

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