Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Connected Again

We've had a jam packed two days!  Wow!  We dedicated the past 48 hours to our Kivu Gap Year (that is why I'm in India after all).  I am sending our Gap Year students here in February or March, so I had to come check out where they will be living and working.  Tomorrow I will be checking out another place.

Yesterday (and today) we were at Gerizim Home.  It is actually seven locations and we saw four of them.  The first home we saw was for Special Needs children; some are orphans and some are not.  We got to work with them on "school" work and then they did a dance performance for us.  They were adorable.  The girls were so loving and adored having us sit with them.  The boys were so proud of their work.  We had a great time with them!

The next three homes we went to were on the same two blocks so we went back and forth often.   One is a church compound where the pastor lives and where the guest house is.  The church serves the community with youth group, community services in several languages as well as family counseling and other very practical things to meet the needs of a community.

There is also a boys home for orphans both healthy and special needs and a separate girls home like the boys.  We had a blast playing with the girl and meeting the boys.  Today we got to work with the special needs teens and women as they were learning life skills such as computers, sewing and other skills.  And then the younger children danced for us.  The kids were desperate for attention and they loved it!

Gerizim Home is a wonderful ministry with a big heart for the community of Bangalore.  I'm excited to send the Gap Year kids here!  They will learn so much about themselves and they will be so stretched!  I think they will come out better because of their time with the kids!

. . . okay, pictures are not uploading at this time. . . sorry!

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