Wednesday, August 22, 2012

USA Pro Challenge

The USA Pro Challenge has been in town all week and Monday was Stage One of a race that will take 135 professional road bikers across Colorado.  These are the bikers who bike in all of the big European races. . .the Who's Who of Road Biking!  It has been so much fun to be here for this!  Main Street has been closed as tents of street vendors have been all set up.  The bikers have been around and all of the sponsors have been handing out free stuff.  The atmosphere has been the best!  I may be becoming a bike racing junkie!  (Tour de France here I come--someday!)

Spider Tech is the team one of our Kivu friends rides for!  Go Caleb!!!

These are the Team Radio Shack & LiveStrong guys just hanging out before the race.
Team Garmin's bikes lined up for Stage One.
Team BMC's bikes.  We saw them training on Sunday. . .what a rush!

I think every single Colorado State Trooper was lined up to lead out the racers.  It was an unbelievable display of State Trooper-ness!  So much for a bad economy!  :)  But is was awesome nevertheless!
Here they came. . .literally blowing by us!  It was unbelievable!

I think this was the moment, when almost all 135 bikers had passed us, that I became a bike race junkie.  The wind and the atmosphere!  Wow!

The race went from Durango to Telluride today and will take the riders through Crested Butte, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Colorado Springs, Boulder and will end in Denver on Sunday.  They are expecting nearly 1,000,000 road-side viewers and it will be broadcast in 161 countries (on NBC sports here in the US).  We are hoping to catch the tail end this weekend for the finish. . .stay tuned!

All in all, it was a great family weekend!  (And, I think Andy is VERY excited that we have all fallen in love with "his" sport!)

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'becca nimrod said...

So fun! Did you all see the Skratch tent/booth? I've been following bits of the race here and there via twitter. Thanks for a personal view of what's really happening. XO