Thursday, August 23, 2012


 The first day of school was Tuesday and the kids came home super excited (phew)!

Hays is in the 8th grade.  I can't believe it.  He's the big man on campus at Miller Middle School and he is looking forward to getting out.  (Slow down already!)

Maggie started middle school this year (6th grade) and she went in very nervous but came out feeling great!  She's a good friend maker and I'm sure the year will be fine for her!

Tiki and Dax are in the 2nd grade.  They are both excited about their teachers (Dax wishes he had Tiki's teacher, though).  I am so thankful both of them were happy on Wednesday to go back.  Tiki was happy to behave and Dax was just happy (miracle).

Gabby started Kindergarten.  What?!?  Yes.  She's in school full day five days a week.  She was so super excited to start!  The night before she was giddy and so hyper!  It was adorable.  On the morning of, she was up and at them an hour early and just bouncing around ready to be a "big" kid!

So, day one was a success and days two and three have been as well!  We are blessed!
This picture. . .it started three years ago because Tiki wanted a picture of the backpacks.  So, we're still doing it!  No real reason. . .I'm not trying to show off their backpacks or anything; just a funny tradition thanks to Tiki!

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