Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dax Workin' Me

 So, the other day I got a letter from Dax. . .I laughed at first and then I went and cried myself to sleep.  He said that he misses me and that Andy and I are the best parents ever and then he wrote, "I hate K1."  My head knows that is a complete lie. . .he is just working me, but my heart broke and it took all the power I had in me not to get in my car and go get him.  (I may or may not have called my dad and given him permission to go get him.)

I haven't been looking at the pictures online because I hate going through 200 pictures of other people's kids every day.  But yesterday was our day off and I had some free time, so I decided to browse the kamp pics.

Well, let the pictures speak for themselves. . .my little nugget is happy and having a good time.  (Yes, there are also pictures of Maggie and Tiki, but Maggie wrote and said she is having a super time and Tiki was made for kamp. . .it is his heaven!) 

Nice try Dax, but I'm calling your bluff!  I miss you so much, but you don't hate K1! 

Tiki and Dax and my sister's boy, Jack.  Super cute boys!

This may be my favorite picture.  Neither one of them is smiling huge, but just look how comfortable they look together.  My boys.  My "twins."  They love each other!!!  I love that!

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