Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Buddies

 This weekend Hays and I flew back to Branson to spend some much needed time with his friend, Chase.  For those of you who have been following Braner Party of 7 for several years, you know all about Chase.  For those of you who are just dropping by, here is a little back story:

Chase and Hays met in the the 1st grade. . .I first heard about their friendship when their teacher, Mrs. Shelton, called me to tell me that Hays was spending too much time during class giggling with his new best friend, Chase.  That's where it began.  She gave them extra work and they spent recess inside but the giggling didn't stop and thankfully neither did the friendship!

Later that summer they discovered a tumor in Chase's brain and he has been bravely fighting ever since.  There have been several surgeries and treatments including radiation and chemo and God has blessed Chase with six more years.  There is the brief back story.

Back to present:  we got to spend time Saturday, Sunday and Monday sitting with Chase.  The boys talked some (when he would wake up) and they played a little on the iPad.  Chases was sleeping most of the time, but when he would wake up, he would be so happy to see Hays!  I loved seeing the boys together! 

I loved my time with Chase's mom, Melissa.  She is a warrior!  She has been fighting for her son and she has been so faithful through the past six years.  She is a fantastic mom and I admire her on so many different levels!

My two highlights from our visits were:
1.  One time when Chase woke up, he recognized me and gave me the biggest one-armed hug after he said, "I am so glad you are here!"
2.  When I told Chase we were leaving, he yelled, "NO!" and then hugged my neck again!

Chase is darling.  I love him!  He has been a super friend to Hays over the years!  Please pray for Chase over the next several days that he will have peace and no pain.  Please pray for his mom and his sister and the rest of his family that they will have time with him filled with no regrets and special memories like the ones I got to have!

We love you Pardeck family!


ivey patton said...

praying! deep sigh.

Denise said...

Braner Love is such blessing to everyone--so glad you could be there.