Friday, June 15, 2012

Fire Safety

Yesterday Lesley took the kids to a Fire Safety event that the Durango Fire Department put on.  It was perfect timing because Tiki about burned the house down a few weeks ago by burning paper in a candle in his room (not good).  So, she heard about the fire safety event and we both agreed that it was perfect!  I think they had a blast.  The pictures are so cute!

 . . . . however. . . . last night before Gabby went to bed we smelled nasty burning and sure enough, Gabby had decided to put paper in the candles and almost burned the house down.  We asked her what she did and she told us.  And then we asked her what the fire fighters said and she said, "to not to play with fire."  Hmmmmm. . . ?

So much for fire safety!

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