Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Pictures

As most of you know, we had family pictures taken professionally by Brooke Robinson while we were in Branson over Easter.  She did an amazing job!  I got to give you a "sneak peak" several weeks ago, but the official pictures are here and I love them!  Get ready for MANY pictures!  My family is beautiful!!!  (Can I say that out loud?  Oh well, I did.  They are!  I love them!)

This is a great picture of what life is like in our house!  Andy and I just trying to keep it together while the chaos reigns around us!  I love this pic!!!
This is my favorite family picture out of the bunch!  I love my family!
How is she so grown up already?!??!

This is another great picture that captured the Braner Family.  Everyone focused on Gabby while she is just super cute!  Welcome to life in our home!

I love this one because it is SO us!  We're all upright and doing it "right" while Tiki is loving life to its fullest!  This is a perfect view into our family!
These are really my kids!

Mom and her boys.
This is my very favorite!  Daddy and his girls.  Nothing gets better than this!

The kids with my parents!

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