Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best Day Ever!!

Yesterday was amazing (and I was only involved in about half of it)!!!  I really think that Maggie had the world's best birthday!

She and Hally and Morgan (her kid sitter) had the day planned out.  After breakfast they headed to town for pedicures and manicures followed by lunch (at Sonic) and a movie.  They came back to the house with beautiful nails and quoting the movie.  They were all three so happy!

Then Andy and I went to the house to give Maggie her gifts.  This was the best part!  As some of you know, her "big" present (which does NOT happen every year) is that I am taking her to India with me in September and then on the way home we are going to make a quick stop in Germany to visit Carolin and then onto Paris for a day because she has been DYING to see the Eiffel Tower and then a day in London to meet my dear British family (the family I lived with when I went to school there in 1995).  Whirlwind trip and I cannot wait!  Anyway, She got a darling carry-on type of bag and a cute travel purse (perfect for passport and small camera and money) and then she opened a wire wall decor of the Eiffel Tower and then a picture frame that said PARIS with no picture in it.  At that point you could sort of see gears in her head turning.  Then Andy said, "Mags, why did you get all of this Paris stuff and why did you get an empty picture frame?"  She was so cute.  She walked up to me and put her arms around me.  You could see a 50/50 combination of sheer joy and excitement mixed with fear that maybe she was thinking the wrong thing.  And I asked her, "Mag, why. . . ?" and she just put her head on my chin and said, "I love you."  It was so sweet (I teared up).  Then I said, "Mag we're going to Paris" and she just melted into my arms.  It was perfect!!!

After the presents, we headed to Mutu's (a great Italian place) for dinner with Kelly and Hally.  Dinner was fun. . .the girls got to order special drinks (virgin Mint Julips) and they felt so grown up.  After dinner we went to an art class.  It was at TEN!  I have never painted before and it was so much fun!  I think Maggie and I are going to go to the class once a month!  (If you live in Durango, go!)

 So, the night was perfect.  I came home so happy (and it wasn't even my birthday).  I think that last night was the happiest I have been in a long time!  I'm still on a Maggie's Birthday high today!

What a great daughter I have!  I'm blessed!  (I also have four other wonderful kids who I am so blessed by, but yesterday was all about Maggie!)

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BEBE said...

What a great day and a great Mommy!!! Love it!!