Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Days Two & Three

Day two was a lot like day one. . .it pretty much looked like this all day long:

 We snorkeled and had a long picnic on a deserted beach followed by a great dinner.  It was another perfect day!  I could really get used to this (but my kids would need to come down if I stayed longer than a week)!!!

Today (day three) was perfect again!  We went scuba diving (two 30-100 foot dives).  The water was clear forever (not really) and the wall was amazing.  This is the third largest reef in the world and it is amazing!  I saw FIVE sharks!  What a rush!  I thought I'd never want to see a shark in the water.  I changed my mind.  I'm kind of a fan of nice very uninterested reef sharks!

We had lunch at the Tiki Hut.  I went a little overboard on pictures and souvenirs for one very special little boy.  So fun!!!

So we have chalked up three out of three perfect days in the Turks & Caicos for our anniversary!  Yipee!

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