Wednesday, April 4, 2012


These shoes came with a card that said (on the front), "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our spirits have trouble remembering how to fly."

I've written a little bit about my new friends in the Sandbox who I immediately felt bonded to.  I truly left that place sad that I was leaving friends (how does that happen in two weeks. . .kind of like camp, I guess).  Well, one of these friends sent me out of the country with these shoes.  What a great story of friendship!

I met Jen during the Summer of 2010.  She and her hubby had met Andy earlier that Spring (in the Sandbox) and they came to Kivu for a visit.  It was late in the summer and I was exhausted.  I hosted them but really only half heartedly and that was that.  When I got to Saudi this Spring she was there and was so over the top (in a super way) good to me!  She is the one who hosted the Abaya party and got me my new abaya.  She also is the one who took me on the trip to the mall to try on formals!  She was great and I felt immediately like she would be one of my forever friends!

On the last day I was there, she gave me another gift with 2 cards in it.  The gift was nearly a year old.  She had read a post on my blog last spring (I'm thinking it was this one) and decided that I needed and angel to lift me to my feet because my spirit was having trouble remembering how to fly.    In the cards that came with the shoes she told me a story that included the phrase "everything is better with PINK."  Someone dear to her had given her a pair of pink Converse adn that was her ah-ha moment when God grabbed her heart and said to her, 'I am here, I love you, it will be ok, but you need me and I WANT you!'  So, she was encouraging me with the same words that had encouraged her and with the same pink shoes (not the exact pair).  Wow!  I have a "pink" sister across the globe who doesn't want me to walk through life alone or without joy. 

What a blessing you are, Jen.  I'm glad we're friends and now pink sisters!  Thank you!  Today is the first day I have pulled out my pink shoes (they wouldn't really work in snow).  And I love them.  I'm not really a pink Converse person. . .I wasn't really a pink Converse person, but I am!  THANK YOU!  I am so blessed by my new friend (and my other friends all over the world)!

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