Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

My baby went to sleep last night and she woke up this morning a five year old little girl.  How did that happen!??!?!?!  Gabby. . .where do I even begin?  She is so wonderful!  She is sweet and loving and independent and hysterical and smart and hard headed.  I love being around her!  She is super!  So happy birthday, sweet girl!  I LOVE YOU!!!
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And, it is on this day, each year, that I think about the woman who brought Gabby into this world.  I realize that April 24th was probably not the exact day that Gabby was born, but nevertheless, I think a lot about her birth mother on this day.  I pray that she is healthy and happy in Rwanda.  I pray that somehow, on some level, she knows that her baby girl is safe and happy and healthy, too.  I wish she could know, though, how amazing her daughter is.  I wish she could hear Gabby's laugh.  I wish she could see the sparkle (sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, sometimes just flat out hard headed) in her eyes and see the smile that lights up a room.  I wish I could tell her how much I adore her baby girl.  I wish I could tell her that Gabby is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I wish she could know Gabby.  She is really missing out and somehow I wish she knew what a great and fun and wonderful and loving and spirited little one her Spring 2007 baby girl has turned out to be.  And, my prayer in the depths of my soul is that someday, in Heaven, we can have a big birthday and Mother's Day celebration. . .just the three of us!

Happy Birthday, Gab!

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