Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friends & Dinosaurs

So, the fifth grade at Riverview had a great dinosaur day yesterday!  For the past couple of months, they have been studying dinosaurs (mostly because one of the teacher's has a young son who is fascinated with them. . .I can't think of a better reason)!  Each student got to pick a certain dino and learn everything he or she could about their prehistoric beast.  It was so great watching Maggie learn to love.

Today was the presentation day.  When I pulled up to the school, they had a 30 foot tall volcano built (out of black trash bags?) and it was blown up with a fan.  When you walked inside, they had projectors inside displaying all of the students' power point presentations on their dinos.  It was so fun.  Inside the school, the halls were lined with the students, their posters and their dino models that they made and painted.  That was super!  Also outside by the volcano was the students artwork from art that also had to do with their particular dino. 

It was happy and quiet chaos and I loved it!  It was fun to see Maggie with her friends and the friends with their parents.  The school did a wonderful job and I was so excited about the whole "event."

I sort of embarrassed Maggie at one point (what are moms for) when I wanted to take her picture with her "boyfriend" (or whatever. . . the boy she likes who she is "going out with" and who she doesn't sit by at lunch or talk to at recess).  When she didn't want her picture taken, I had mine taken with him!  So, I kidnapped her from school and had a lunch date with her as an apology!  I'm positive that won't be the last time I embarrass her in the next seven years!

Maggie with her dino!
Maggie with Emma & Kayla
This is my attempt at trying to take a picture of Maggie's "guy" without being too obvious.
This is a random dino that was buy Alexander (Maggie's "guy"). . .part of me trying not to be obvious.
Maggie and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Clancy.
This is Alexander.  Maggie decided to take this picture of him before I got too embarrassing.
Maggie's dino.
Fernanda, Maggie & Tarynn
Me with Alexander. . .this is when I crossed the uber-embarrassing line!
Maggie and Sienna
Maggie & Caroline
Maggie and Sasha

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