Sunday, March 11, 2012

My New Abaya

 I have had so much fun these last few days.  We have been really busy doing "official" things, but we have also had a great time getting to know new people along the way.  Last night a small group of couples (mostly with young children) had us over for dinner and they had a little abaya party and gave me a new abaya. . .one I had found in a store a few days ago and fallen in love with!  What a sweet gift.  The couples were so much fun and we laughed a lot!

Today I had my make up done by a Middle Eastern lady (in colors to match my new abaya).  She was so sweet.  So, I wanted to pass along pictures of me in my get-up!  The kids have been wanting to see pictures and I'm sure some of my friends have to, so here they are!!  Enjoy!

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Bronwyn said...

Jamie you look so mysterious! And beautiful!