Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goodbye Bahrain

Well, after sleeping until one this afternoon. . .I really do love jet lag without five children. . .I slept until one today. . .and the only reason I got up was because we had a car to catch!  Seriously.  If the kids would have been here with me, I'd be up at six still no matter what jet lag was telling my body.  This has been the best!  Tomorrow, though, I have to be back in "reality" and get up and a normal hour as we are moving on in our adventure.  We left Bahrain today and have arrived where Andy has many fun friends.  I am excited to meet them and to be able to call them my friends, too!  We are with the Remkus family and I love Wendi, our hostess.  I think we're going to have a great week together!

No real adventures to post about today since I slept most of it away.  I just wanted to "update" so that my kids and family know I'm alive and well.  Andy and I are having an absolute blast together and I am so thankful for this time with him!  Greetings from the Sandbox!

This is Andy and I in Bahrain leaving the Ritz.  I am only partially "covered" here. . .I'm actually a big fan of the covering!  I'm sure I wouldn't be if I was forced to wear it all of the time, but it was so nice for a bit!

The very first thing I saw after we crossed the border.  McDonald's:  home sweet home!  Unfortunately, we couldn't eat there because it was prayer time, but I'll take in some Middle Eastern Micky D's before I leave!

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