Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Final Post From The Sandbox

Well, my time in the Sandbox has come to a close. What an amazingly wonderful trip Andy and I had. I feel like each day was highlight followed by highlight!

First of all, I had the best time with my hubby! I honestly was a tad nervous to be spending 17 days with him and no kids. . .it has been so long--2006--since we've spent more than two or three days together (just us) and I just didn't know what to expect. (There is a bit of honesty.) And we had a super time! We laughed so hard and enjoyed one another so much! I am so thankful that we got that time! We had to part ways in the DC airport this morning and I got on my plane to Denver and just cried. I love him!

My second favorite part was the friends I made. I truly feel at home where we were. I hated leaving because I felt like I was leaving behind some very dear friends. I think I was the most shocked by how at home I felt with so many ladies. I feel like my new girl friends are and will be a huge blessing in my life!

 I love Saudi Arabia. The culture is fascinating and the people are just regular people. It was great to get to watch some and interact with other. I wish the world could get a more complete view of the people of the Middle East!

The sand storms are not very fun. I can't really think of a positive spin to put on those . . . a good facial, I guess. But overall, the weather was pretty perfect while we were there.

We got to go to KAUST for a couple of days before we left and it is beautiful. It sits right on the Red Sea . . . if I went to school there I would get absolutely nothing done!  Someday I'll have to go back there and SCUBA dive in the Red Sea!

So, overall, the trip was a super success! I loved it! And now I am sitting in the Denver Airport after 40 hours of traveling and dying to get on the last plane to see my kiddos. I cannot wait for some hugs and a snuggle or two (or three or four or five).

Andy and I had the opportunity to fly to the Red Sea and see KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology).  It is a beautiful campus right on the Red Sea.  Amazing!  This is a view of the campus from one of the faculty offices.
KAUST with Scott & Leslie
Krispy Kreme in the Dammam Airport
This is what all of the Saudi Arabian Airlines planes say right by the door.
Kuwait City at midnight last night.
These are the girls who threw me the abaya party.  What a fun night we had!!!


ivey patton said...

this looks like SO MUCH FUN! and have you given any thought to being a mommy super model? i know there's a market for it!

glad you had a wonderful time and also glad to have you back on our side of the world!

Sherry said...

hi came across your blog and wanted to follow it but didn't see a place to be able to do that. My husband and I also adopted three boys. We waited a bit later in life to adopt have two daughters also. God bless you!