Tuesday, February 21, 2012

USS Midway

 Today we got to tour the USS Midway.  I must say that it is the best tour-able place in the US (personal opinion).  Most places in the US have everything blocked off and everything is "do not touch."  Not the Midway.  Kids can sit in chairs and flip switches and turn wheels.  It really is super.  We walked up and down more flights of stairs than I could have ever imagined.  It was so neat!  We spent more than four hours on the ship and we saw everything.  Everyone got to get in some jets and on some helicopters.  The kids got to climb in bunks and sit in the captain's seat.  There was an audio tour and it was super informative!  The kids were given questions to answer all over the ship and not only did they love that part, but they learned so much, too!  It was a great time!  I highly recommend it!

I spent a lot of the tour thinking about Pappy (my dad's dad) who was on an aircraft carrier in WWII.  It was so neat to be able to get a little glimpse of his life on his ship, the USS Copahee. 

It was great for Hays, too.  He has big dreams of being a Naval pilot and he got super excited to see what a carrier is like.  He is fired up to get his wings!

I took a zillion pictures but picked my favorite couple hundred.  Enjoy!

Not the Midway, but a "pirate ship" on the way.

Wondering where his MeMo is since he is in a bed! :)
She was scared to death to be below deck.  Petrified may be the word for it.  I would hate to see her on a submarine!

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~ko said...

Very awesome! We mis San Diego so much! By far the best duty station we've been sent too. Soak up some of that Cali sun for me! If you guys are ever out our way let us know and Bill can get Hays a behind the scenes tour ;) Safe travels