Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Snow Day That Wasn't A "Snow Day"

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.  So beautiful!  Back in Branson, this would have been a snow day FOR SURE. . .it would actually have been about five days worth of snow days!  But in Durango, it was just another shovel-the-driveway-at-five-a.m.-and-then-drive-the-kids-to-school day.  And it just kept snowing! 

We were all so excited to have more fresh powder!!!  The first year we lived here, we got about 120 inches of snow.  Last year was pretty pathetic with only 90-something inches.  So, this year, every time it snows we get so excited!  The kids sled off our back porch.  Hays begs to skip school to go snowboarding.  Chaco acts super crazy.  Even though we don't get no school snow days, we love our snowy days nevertheless!

Living in Durango really is the best ever!

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