Friday, February 24, 2012

Santa Monica Pier

 Today we headed up to Santa Monica.  I had no idea how disgusting LA is.  (At least the part of LA--the actual city limits--we saw, which consist of I-5.)  We woke up this morning to smog smog smog. . .we could not breathe.  Then we drove up through LA in the smog and it was terrible.  Gross!  (It may have just been a bad day.)  But Santa Monica was pretty.  It was cold and very foggy/smoggy, but we had a blast!

The Pier was so much fun!  We had passes for all of the rides and the kids loved it!  The cold weather mixed with the time of year made it perfect for riding as many times as you want to!  The kids were laughing and running and squealing with joy!  Great day!

I just had to get a picture with the pier in the background. . .I had planned on having "real" pictures taken, but it was so cold, we just snapped a couple and headed back!  They turned out fine.  Nothing to blow up and frame, but we did it!

And then the trip from Santa Monica to Anaheim (33 miles) took four hours.  Yes.  Four hours.  Oh my!

All in all, today was another super day!  Great vacation and we're headed home tomorrow!  We're ready.  We'll be leaving Andy in LA for work and we will head East at sun up!

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