Monday, February 20, 2012

Road Trip!

Winter Break 2012. . .a first for Durango.  They have given us some funky breaks this year, but I'm really excited about having a Winter Break in February and a Spring Break in April!

On Friday we picked the kids up from school and headed to Scottsdale.  Andy was already there, so Lesley and I made the eight hour trek to meet him there.  One of my cousins was getting married, so it was a perfect place to start our big road trip!

Gabby was not liking me at all on the trip down.  Oh my!
Our time in Scottsdale was perfect!  We got to see my mom (which was the highlight).  We love being with GoGo!  And time with my cousins and their kids was priceless!  It is fun to all get together when we all live so far away!

Tiki with his second-cousin, Peyton.  They became "best friends" at K1 this summer and were SO excited to see each other again!
My cousin, Alexis, with her little guy, Weston.

Gabby and her cousin, Nell.

This morning we got up and headed West. . .San Diego or bust. . .and we made it!  We're staying in this perfect little house right in the middle of Little Italy and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our trip has in store!  I have so many fun things planned, but I left a ton of time to just relax.  Andy is in the middle of nine weeks away from home, so I want him to not only enjoy family time, but to get to have some serious down time (including biking--I surprised him with his bike on the back of the car).  So, here we are in San Diego.  I'm sure there will be many fun posts, funny stories and great pictures over the next several days!

These are the sand dunes on the way from Phoenix to San Diego.  They filmed part of Star Wars Episode IV here.
We made it to San Diego. . .and boy did we need to get out of the car!!!

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