Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Movie Morning

This morning has been right out of a romantic comedy about being the mother of five on Valentine's Day.  Seriously. 

So, I woke up extra early so that I could make special lunches for the kids. . .special being heart shaped sandwiches and a stuffed animal in their lunch boxes (mostly out of love, but partly, I must admit, to embarrass Hays at his middle school lunch table).  As soon as I got up, everyone got up and started hanging out in the kitchen.  What in the world?!?!  Most mornings I can't even doze them out of bed and this morning when I want to be sneaky, they are all bright eyed.

Needless to say, I start everyone's day out terribly.  I'm so grouchy to them.  "Get out of the kitchen!" "But mom, I need some cereal." "Get out, buddy, you're in my way!"  What in the world?  I'm positive I didn't even say good morning or Happy Valentine's Day to my children.  As far as they know (until lunch), I've totally forgotten.  Nice one.  So, in the process of making sneaky lunches where I have dish towels over the lunch boxes and I am cutting the sandwiches in the cabinet so they can't see and me being totally grouchy. . . . . .

. . . .  I fall down the stairs.  What?  Yes, I had to go to Hays's room to get his lunch box (which should have been brought up by him last night) and I fall down the entire flight of stairs.  I'm sitting at the bottom and I cannot for the life of me figure out what hurts worse, my knee which is slowly repairing itself from an ACL tear on the mountains several weeks ago (and tomorrow is my check up) or my back which got totally wrenched because I was trying to save my knee.  So I limp into Hays's room half groaning and half crying. . .but it did get me over the you-didn't-bring-your-lunch-box-up-yesterday frustration that I headed to his room with.

After the secret and would have been sweet but has turned into grouchy lunches have been made, Hays comes in from snow blowing the drive way to tell me that the snow plow has moved our HUGE address rock from its place beside our driveway into the middle of our driveway.  What in the world?!?  I head to the window to see how much he is exaggerating and. . . he isn't. . .at all.  The HUGE rock is in the middle of our driveway.  We aren't going anywhere today.  That rock is SO HEAVY that when Andy and Britt Ham moved it, they had to tie climbing rope around it and drag it with the Suburban and it took hours.  And now, (have I mentioned that Andy is out of town?) it is sitting in the middle of my snow covered driveway.  UGGGGGGG!!!!!  By this point I am over the top frustrated!  Hays and I shovel the four foot pile of snow from the corner of our driveway enough to 4-wheel it out in order to get to school (where I hit my running board on the big pile and knock off part of it).

I get a paper cut.  Seems small. . .but it was actually the straw that broke the camel's back. . . Happy (you know what) Valentine's Day is what I am thinking to myself.

Does it get better?  No!

I drop the kids off at school and then head back to the elementary to bring Valentine's treats to the kids' classes.  I have cherry limeade with cute cups.  I made my mom's amazing caramel chocolate chip brownies that are to die for.  And I have cup cakes that I am planning on icing in  Tiki and Dax's classrooms.  Well, I slip on the ice and fall again.  This time I land ON the cupcakes.  Seriously.  ON the cupcakes.  By this time in my morning (it isn't even 8 yet), I am so frustrated and in so much pain that I bring the treats to the class rooms and just apologize to the teachers and leave them with the smashed cupcakes and the squirt bottles of icing.  "Happy Valentine's Day!" I said and walked out.

If this were Christmas, I would be shouting "Bah Humbug" from the top of the roof (and then I'd probably fall off of that)! 

Andy called shortly after that to wish me Happy Valentine's Day (which was really thoughtful because he HATES this day) and I told him all about my morning.  He was cackling!  And he told me that it sounded like the perfect start to a movie.  And it does sound like it!  I can totally see the opening twenty minutes.  The only difference is that in the movie, the poor exhausted mother of five would be swept off of her feet by her uber handsome husband (which I have) and the scene would cut to them on the beach in Tahiti (and she would look awesome in her string biking) for a surprise Valentine's getaway complete with rose petals in the bathtub and on the bed.  The end.

Not a movie.  My day will end with another middle school basketball game instead!

Happy V-Day!


bekah brinkley said...

oh dear! sorry for the rough morning, but it did give me a good laugh to read about it. hope it goes up from here!

Courtney said...

sorry. i despise mornings like that. i think i would have had to add in (when listing the things that hurt the most) my pride.

hope it gets better.

Denise said...

Days like that are TOTALLY bizarre!!! Yesterday day I had a dozen people (not exactly) email or ask me in person to commit to a dozen things and by 3 pm I totally checked out with a box of Milk Duds in front of the fire!! Hope you have a few moments to do something like that today:)

Stef Ryan said...

I agree- sounds terrible, but it totally made my day seem better by comparison. :)

kristyn said...

i just read this...seriously...that is crazy...but you get mega props for all of the treats you brought to school, smashed or not!!!