Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today was the much anticipated Legoland day.  Big disappointment.  Oh well.  I've wanted to bring the kids out here to go to Legoland for so long and I would have taken them no matter what anyone said, so I'm glad we finally went. . . but. . . we won't be making a return trip anytime soon.  The great thing is that Legoland looks much better in pictures!  The kids had fun.  So it wasn't a total bust.
Andy, super thrilled to be at a crowded theme park!  :)

The kids in front of Washington D.C. in MiniLand

Dax was so fired up to see all of the Star Wars scenes in MiniLand.  That was for sure his highlight of the day!

San Francisco
More of San Francisco
China Town in San Fran
More NYC
Maggie has always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. . .I'm not sure this one will suffice, though!
I love their faces in this picture. . .playing the X-Box. . .Lego Batman!
More X-Box

Gabby was NOT happy to be on this roller coaster.  She screamed and cried and yelled, "I want to go home!" the entire ride!
3D (4D) glasses.

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