Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Late Birthday, Tiki!

Well, I am blogging four days late for Tiki's birthday.  Last week was a family disaster.  The atmospheric pressure or something was wreaking havoc on the behavior of my children. . .oh my!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Tiki (his Birthday was Friday).  Tiki turned 8.  I think about life without Tiki often.  He has changed our family the most drastically, so I find myself thinking often about him and the changes he has brought.  I also (around birthday time. . .even though I made up his birthday), find myself thinking about his bio family.  Where are they?  Who are they?  Does he have bio siblings?  And why?  The unknowns of adoption. . . .why?

Tiki is still the happiest child I have ever met.  He loves life.  His laugh is big.  The nuns hit the nail on the head when they told me that he is very naughty.  He so is!  (I even home schooled him one day last week because he was being so naughty at school.)  He and Dax are the best brothers ever. . .they love each other so big!  Yesterday they were playing in the snow. . .Dax was burying Tiki's head (face) in the snow and they both loved it!

I'm glad he is in our family.  And I cannot wait to be on the other side of this life to see all of the whys that God rolled into place with Tiki and his life!  Who will he be?  What will he do?  How will he change the world? 

Oh well.  Happy Birthday, Tiki!  I love you!

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