Friday, February 10, 2012

Faces of Family

Middle school basketball games are not the high intensity excitement that I would like to have at a sporting event.  That being said, enjoy my pictures from our most recent game!

The game! :)

What is this, you ask.  Me too.  I think it is an ear piercing from Tiki's past life.  I've always wondered and it always sort of oozes, so out of sheer boredom, I stuck an earring in it during the game.  It worked!  I got my earring in the hole.  It didn't pop out on the other side. . .just went down into his head. . .and lots of gray ooze came out (yuck).  Who knows what it is or what it was for or what was stuck in it at one time, but there you have it.  Tiki has an oozing hole in his head.  Hmmmm...

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waitingarms said...

That looks like a preauricular pit - something he was born with and not a piercing from his prior life! They can get infected and can be surgically closed.