Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wow!  I found a great website for a great gift!  Think perfect wedding gift.  This is it.  It is and you can make a personalized cookbook!  (I so wish I was in the stage of life right now where all of my friends are getting married.)

No, I'm not getting married.  And in some cases, you reading this may not even be a close friend (or I may not even know you).  But I want to do a personalized cookbook for myself.  I need help.  I'm not a great cook. . . mostly because the thought of cooking each evening overwhelms me!  So, please help me.  EACH ONE OF YOU:  HELP!

Here is how you can help me make a cookbook so that Braner Party of 7 doesn't have to eat Sam's heat and serve meals (hello perservatives) and so my kids don't have to eat Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese multiple times a week.  It is fun and easy:

1. Go to
2. Click "login" in the top right corner
3. Sign in as me with
4. Password: cookbook
5. Under "collections" to the left, click on "Feeding the Fam"
6. Click on "studio" at the top
7. Click "add recipe" and follow the instructions

This will be SO MUCH FUN!  Just send me your favorite family recipe (nothing where I have to go to a gourmet food store or soak anything overnight).  This can be a meal or a side dish or a dessert or anything.  And then either put a picture of the meal cooked or a family picture of you.  Then I will be a wiz in the kitchen and my family will have you to thank!


'becca said...

Pork Butt recipe added. :) Happy cooking!

kristyn said...

added a recipe! hope it worked!

mark and elizabeth said...

what a great idea!! i love this :) if i had any awesome recipes I would add one but i, like you, am in need of some new ones. i just keep trying pinterest ideas and keep failing haha. also, thank you for reminding me about ihategreenbeans. hilarious. i totally forgot about her blog. i love to hate the bachelor. hope y'all are doing well!!! love you friend.

~ko said...

What an awesome idea! So glad you posted this, I have a friend who would love this as a gift! Love all the new pics of your family. Cant believe how big they are getting! Happy Monday to y'all
P.S this is Cassie Jo's sis :)