Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oh my goodness!  I just read the BEST BLOG EVER!  (I apologize ahead of time that it probably isn't your blog.)  It is www.ihategreenbeans.com.  I laughed out loud and I am still laughing out loud!  She is hysterical (and come to find out, I met her in Junior High and we were both Pi Phi's at Baylor.  Small world!)

She blogs about many different things, but here recaps of "The Bachelor" are priceless!  Confession:  "The Bachelor" is one of my guilty pleasures.  And, while I'm confessing, I was SO MAD that Jennifer didn't get a rose. . .I'm thinking that maybe Ben thought she was too good for him after his late night ocean romp with Courtney.  Just saying.

Back to I Hate Green Beans. . .go read it!  You'll laugh!  Enjoy the blog!  Oh my!  I cannot wait to read it tomorrow!

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bekah brinkley said...

this is another great (and hilarious) bachelor recap blog you might enjoy. she was a k2 girl. the bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures, too. :)