Friday, January 13, 2012

Hays's First Basketball Game

Go Miller Angels!  (Yes, they are the angels. . .right before they become the Durango High School Demons. . .seriously!)

Hays played super!  It was so much fun to watch!  He missed six days of practice because we were in Cabo, so he walked out onto the court very nervous looking and seemed very unsure of himself but by the end of the game he was rockin' it!  I'm so proud of him!

Here is my play by play I was texting Andy during the game:

Hays started the game.
He scored the first 2 points.
He stole the ball. . .and then traveled.
Now he is on the bench huffing and puffing like he has been at sea level for 2 weeks.
Miller wins! 18-6
Oops. . .half time. . .
GREAT steal. . .then turnover
Big rebound.
Can you get a steal assist?
Another steal assist.
Fourth quarter. . .
3 point AIR BALL.
Foul. . .hometown ref

That was my play by play.  Hays's play by play was drastically different!  It was hysterical!  He was so hyped up!  I love boys!

He had a blast and played well and was for sure the cutest boy on the court!  I took a ton of great pics.  I had the camera set on action and everything.  They are almost all blurry.  I am SO SUPER frustrated.  Dang it!  Oh well, here are a couple that aren't too bad:

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It is so fun to watch oour kids do well! congrats! loved your airport travel photos! too funny! Kristy