Thursday, January 12, 2012

At The Airport

My kids are like super hero travelers!  They're great!  The flight attendants always compliment them, TSA compliments them. . . they know how to get their shoes off and electronics and liquids out; they get their own bins and fly through security like seasoned business men!  I love to watch it!  They're old pros and I love traveling with them. . . seriously, I would pick traveling with my kids over going to get ice cream any day!  They are my little troopers! 

This trip home from Cabo was no different.  The trip was CHAOTIC!  The airlines messed our tickets up, so we were rerouted which caused chaos on our multiple multiple layovers!  We had 20 minutes between landing and boarding at one point. . . we had to get through immigration, pick up our luggage, get through customs, recheck our luggage, go through security (with a knee brace and crutches) and make our plane. . .yes, in twenty minutes.  We did it!  (They did it!)  And then we had a six hour layover at another point.  They were perfect!

Enjoy the photo documentation from the big layover:

This was my favorite.  Tiki is sleeping under the chairs (under Dax's MeMo) and Gabby was "sleeping" on the chairs.  That is the position she chose to fake sleep.  Hysterical!
Gotta find an outlet!

This is my teenage 4-year old jamming to a little Justin Bieber!
Nearly midnight. . .thirteen hours after we left our hotel. . .we are almost home!  Traveling 14 hours isn't bad if you wind up in Southeast Asia or Australia, but 14 hours when it could have been 4. . .that's another story!

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Filippa said...

Oh my, a six-hour layover at the airport can be a nightmare. But from the looks of it, the situation was not much of a trouble for your kids. Portable music gadgets are always a big help. You must be very proud for raising such well-behaved children.

Filippa Sartini