Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am thankful.  I am. . .and not just because it is Thanksgiving weekend.  I really am.  I have a super great family (far and near) and great friends.  I am blessed!

This Thanksgiving was especially fun!  First of all, it was Dax's 7th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAX!!!  He is so dear and I love him so much and I cannot believe that he is seven!  Where did the years go!?!?

We also had fun friends over for several days.  The Ham Fam drove over from Woodland Park and we ate and boarded and played and laughed.  It was so much fun!  Andy and Britt fried our turkey.  The kids played.  Michelle and I cooked and cleaned and did dishes and cooked and did more dishes and cooked more.  We all had a blast together!  I'm so thankful that they made the trip across the mountains!  Thanks, Hams!!!

The birthday boy!
And we had some at another table, too!

Andy taught Gabby how to snowboard!  He is a saint!
Braner Party of 7 on boards on the mountain!!!

Now Hays is headed to Texas to go hunting with my dad.  Andy has the other four kids at the rec center and I am home finishing my blog so that I can clean the house!  Football is on TV, the house is decorated and it is QUIET.  Nice!  I am thankful for quiet now!

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kristyn said...

looks so fun! the girls are seriously cute in their ski outfits!