Thursday, November 17, 2011

New York, New York

What a fabulous time I had in New York these past three days!  Andy has been in the Northeast for two weeks and I decided to meet him in the Big Apple during the last three days of his trip!  It was the best!

First of all, I met one of my heroes at the airport.  I was waiting for Andy to land three hours after I landed and I started talking to this guy who was on my flight. . .who was also waiting three hours for his wife.  Turns out he lives in NY, but is originally from Ethiopia.  That led me to mention my kiddos from Rwanda and then he told me that he is married to Immaculee Ilibagiza.  NO WAY!  I couldn't believe it!  For those of you who don't know who she is, she is a Rwandan with an amazing survival story.  She is amazing and is using her life to inspire and help others!  Go read "Left To Tell" and then read the rest of her books!  She is great!  As a matter of fact, Gabby's middle name, Iribagiza, is just a different spelling of Immaculee's name. . .which is one of the reasons why I kept it as her middle.  I MET HER!

Then, on the way to the home where we were staying, this is the view of Manhattan that I got.  WOW!  I've never really considered NYC pretty, but Sunday night it was!

Monday we walked around Central Park.  It was the perfect "Autumn in New York" kind of day.  Again, it was beautiful!  

Tuesday we walked the ENTIRE length of the city.  The entire length!  We started at Zucatti Park where we saw the Occupy movement. . .they had just been asked to leave the park a few hours before and there was serious tension in the air!  The protesters were NOT happy.  The police were EVERYWHERE (riot gear and all).  Crazy (for a small-town girl)!

We walked to the Empire State Building and went up!  I'm so glad we got to!  It wasn't as romantic as in the movies, but we had a great time!

We ended up at the Park again (Central Park) and walked through FAO and then ate at Tao.  Then we got to go see Danielle Radcliffe in "How To Succeed in Business."  (He is the Harry Potter guy.)  It was good.  The tickets were a gift and we were so grateful to have gotten to go to the show!

That was our trip to the city!  It was perfect!  Andy and I needed the time away and I enjoyed every minute with him (okay, almost every minute. . .we aren't that cute and perfect)!

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