Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodnight iPad

Okay, for those of you familiar with "Goodnight, Moon," here is the 2011 version.  It is hysterical (all things considered)!
"Goodnight iPad"
by Ann Droyd

In the bright buzzing room
There was an iPad
And a kid playing Doom
And a screensaver of--
A bird launching over the moon

There were three little Nooks
With ten thousand books
And a huge LCD
With Bose 5.1
Six remotes, and 3-D

And a Black Berry ringing
With Eminem singing
And a new Facebok friend
And texts with no end
And a viral clip of a cat doing flips

And the bigs, bongs, and beeps
Of e-mails and tweets
And a fed-up old woman
Who was trying to sleep

Goodnight iPad
Goodnight Doom
Goodnight bird
Launching over the moon
Goodnight Nooks
And digital books
Goodnight Eminem
Goodnight Facebook friend
Goodnight LOLs
Goodnight MP3s
Goodnight LCD Wi-Fi HDTV
Goodnight remotes
And Netflix streams,
Androids, apps,
And glowing screens

Goodnight plugs
And power lights
That guide us to pee
In the darkness of night
Goodnight buzziong
Goodnight beeps
Goodnight everybody
Who should be asleep

Goodnight pop stars
Goodnight MacBook Air
Goodnight gadgets everywhere!

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kristyn said...

oh my gosh. that is hilarious!