Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee With A Friend

This morning I had "coffee" with a good friend.  I guess I need to explain.  "Coffee" is the grown up thing to call it.  She was a grown up and ordered a coffee.  I ordered a chocolate covered cinnamon twist and a Dr. Pepper.  And when I say "good friend" I kind of laugh because she really is a very dear friend to me, but we haven't really seen each other in a year and we have only talked maybe three times during the past year and I just met here when I moved to Colorado, but she is a dear friend.  On so many levels, I feel like she is my soul mate and I feel like we have so much in common and then on a completely different set of levels, I feel like we have nothing in common and I see so many things in her that I would love to be!  But, she is a good friend!

Ivey.  Many of you have read her blog because I've pointed you that direction several times in my blogging.  I love her blog.  She is so real and so funny and such an open minded and do it yourself mom.  Ivey is super!

We talked about everything under the sun at "coffee" today.  It was refreshing to be around a "real" person.  I laughed and she made me think.  I shared that I may be loosing my mind and she shared that she's been there! :)  It was the best hour I've spent in a long time!

Thanks, Ivey, for being my friend.  I think you're great!

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ivey patton said...

this is exactly what i was thinking, my dear! we need to do it more often!!! did the doctor have any answers or are we actually perfectly normal? bless gabby’s gap toothed heart and omg della is gonna have to marry dax one day....cutest pics ever in the suit! let’s talk soon!