Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kivu Parents

Okay, I'm going out on the limb of my comfort zone with this one.  I am becoming a "guest blogger" on Andy's new Kivu Parenting blog.  (I use the term "guest blogger" because it makes me feel a little less responsible for my lack of parenting teens experience.)

I'm going to be doing "parenting your teen" blog posts about twice a week.  I realize that I have only had a teenager for twenty something days, but I am excited to be doing this "with" the Kivu parents (and with you).  As I told them in my first post, my blogs will not come with the years of research you may be looking for, but we can learn together.  We can succeed together.  We can fail together.  We can get up and try again together.  Our teens can hate us together and our teens can appreciate us together!

I can't wait!  I'm actually really excited (once I peel away the layers of nerves).  I think I'll have some valuable insights and I think I'll have honest failures along with my successes.  We'll see.  I just want to be vulnerable so that no one things they are out there alone in this weird dance we call parenting teenagers!  So, here we go!  Enjoying laughing at me when I'm being a dork.  Enjoy crying with me when I fail as we all do!  And enjoy jumping up and down with me when something actually works!  I'll be doing all of those with you, too!

If you want to follow the Kivu Parents blog, just click HERE do see it!  (It is also on the right side of this bog. . .just click on Kiuv Parents!  This could be fun. . .worst case, it will be a wild ride!!!

Happy Parenting!

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