Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Okay, this post is mostly for my family and dear friends who are dying to see our new house!  We spent the summer painting it and redoing the ceiling and the kitchen and on and on and I am so proud of it!  I'm so proud of myself (and Andy), too!  We did handy work we never even thought to try before!  Anyway, to my family and friends, here are the long awaited pictures of the Braner Home!

This is a picture I took last May.  I cannot wait for it to look like this again!
This is the view from the front door.  You walk right into the living room.  Upstairs is the Master Bedroom.  Through that hall is Gabby's room and Dax & Tiki's room.  The stairs to the basement are also just inside the hall arch.  The dining room table is to the right of the picture where you can't see it and the fireplace is just to the left.
The fireplace.

This is the dining room.  It is also a great picture of Andy's handiwork!!!  He did the ceiling (it was just white drywall) and he installed the hanging lights!  I am SO impressed!!!
This is above the kitchen sink.
This is on the way up the stairs to the Master Bedroom.
The Master Bedroom. 
This is the Master Bathroom.  We are still missing a little bit of tile on the counter back-splash, but other than that the house is finished!

The view of the main room from the Master Bedroom.
This is Gabby's room (and Lesley).  It is really fun and bright during the day time!
This is the twins room (Dax and Tiki).  It is a little bit Star Wars themed.
This is the hallway downstairs.  This picture is taken towards the stairs.  The laundry room is on the right.
This is the hall from the stairs looking into Maggie's room.  The playroom is on the right which also leads to Hays's room and the mud room and garage.
This is the playroom!  It may be my favorite room in the house!  I just love my striped wall!!!  We striped it with all of the leftover house paint colors.  So, basically, it represents all of the colors in our house!
This is a close up of the pictures on the red wall.

Maggie's room.  This is my favorite bedroom!
This is Hays's room.  His headboard is an actual fish tank.  And that sword fish above his bed is actually the fish that Hays and Andy caught several years ago in Cabo!  So fun!

My mud room.
This is the mud room looking from the garage towards the playroom.  I love the Rwandan "dung art" above the hall.

These are my wonder lockers that are going to change the organization of our lives!  This is in the mud room taken from the garage.  Hays does have a letter "H" over that far left locker, it was just blocked by the door frame.  And that sixth locker. . . well. . . it depends on who you ask.  It could just be a locker for guests or for Andy and I, but in the depths of my heart, it is for our China baby. . . we'll see how God works that one out!


ivey patton said...

love love love!

you are so organized looking...i need a dose of that!

yellodaisy said...

Your house is beautiful. I love all of the fun colors!