Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers Coveted

As many of you know, one of Hays's best friends, Chase, has been battling brain cancer for several years.  He has been a trooper and his mom has been absolutely amazing throughout the process.  This has been one roller coaster after another for Chase and his mother and their family.  Good news then bad news and then sort of good news and then terrible news and then some hope and then hope only in God because the news from the doctors is so gloomy. . .and on and on.  Below is Melissa's (Chase's mom) most recent blog post:

A quick update - we are in Little Rock - Chase had an MRI today (that in itself is a journal update - what a crazy morning!).  We have decided that since surgery is an option, we are moving forward in that direction.  Surgery is scheduled Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m.  Professor will be doing it along with his team.  We are once again, hoping and believing for a successful surgery; complete removal of the tumor, no weakness to Chase's body, and quick healing/recovery.  As always...AS ALWAYS, we are grateful for God's people who diligently lift Chase up in prayer - we know the power of it!!!  We have seen it, we have felt it, we have experienced it in ways no one can imagine...I am humbled and in awe of God and His awesomeness.  Professor stated today that Chase is a "medical marvel" in that his condition is not one that gave much hope for his future.  We are believing in the "marvel", the "miracle" of his healing!

Please pray.  God is a God of miracles and I believe he can heal Chase.  Please pray!!!

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sabrina owens said...

i have been prayer for him and his family he is on church prayer list in luverne camp ground umc i hope his surgrey go well tomorrow i will prayer for melissa,jeff and maddie tomorrow while chase is in surgrey