Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today was fun. . . kind of.  It had great potential to be very fun, but after sunflower disappointment, it still ended up being a good day.  Gabby and Lesley and I loaded up the car and hit the road for Utah.  Destination: a gorgeous sunflower field that I have been wanting to see for about seven years.  Last year we found it, but they were all already dead.  So we drove.  And we drove.  And we drove.  And ten miles from Moab we decided that we missed the field.  Come to find out we didn't miss the field, the field hadn't been planted this year.  BIG BUMMER!!!  There was another field across the street, though, that had several of those BIG sunflowers growing.  I actually think it will be covered with the HUGE flowers, but I think I was too early.  So, no rows and rows of six foot flowers, but I got a good pic.

And then I got home to our last barn dance of the summer.  The photographer found Gabby and I and I am so thankful she did--cute pic!

After the barn dance, I headed to my office where I found more pictures of my kids from K1.  YIPEE!!!!  I really miss them. . .it took a couple of weeks, but its official. . .I now miss my kiddos!  It is time for us to be together again!

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