Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day Of School

Today was the first day of school. Crazy that my kids are growing up so quickly!

Hays is in seventh grade and that thought makes me sick to my stomach! When I was in seventh or eighth grade, I vowed that my kids would not have to endure junior high. I guess I thought I could move overseas and they could live there for several years. I'm not sure, I just knew that I didn't want my kids to endure junior high. Well, here we are. . .my oldest is set to endure 7th grade. I know he'll do much better than I did, so I shouldn't worry. I just can't believe that he is that old. My baby.

Maggie is in fifth grade. She is getting so big and so grown up. She was so excited to head to school this morning and see her friends (and wear her new school clothes). Her new jeggings have been calling her name from her closet!

Tiki and Dax are in first grade. They have different teachers (thank goodness). I think they'll have a blast! Dax didn't cry today which was a huge blessing! Last night he cried for about thirty minutes, so I thought today would be a disaster. But its all good! He did super and Tiki did super! No tears (even by me).

My prayer list is so long for my kids! I am praying for their safety (emotional, physical and spiritual). I am praying for their teachers and their friends. I am praying that they all make good choices. I am praying that they enjoy school. I am praying that the adults see the good in them and that they are encouraged and challenged. The list goes on and on. It is so weird to be giving your prize possessions to virtual strangers for nearly 40 hours a week. It just doesn't seem natural. GOD, PLEASE PROTECT MY CHILDREN!!!


BEBE said...

kindergarten, 1st grade, midddle school, jr. high, high school, college, businesses, moves, THEN IT'S THE TURKS WITH A HURRICANE BEARING DOWN. Yep, God is our only hope of sanity!

dawn said...

I felt the same way about JH last year. But God knew my heart and he took total control of Zac's 7th grade year and I am believing this year will be just as good. Even though we are far away, Zac is just an email away from Hays. I love that cabin 18 bonded in such a strong way this summer. Kamp friendships are always the best.