Sunday, August 28, 2011

Andy's 42 Hours Home

Well, Andy came home yesterday for the weekend.  We were all so excited to see him!  Yesterday was work on the pond day. . .Andy is putting a waterfall and a pond in our front yard (to replace the natural run off and stagnant water area that is currently there).  So yesterday the family helped (okay, helped may be pushing it, but we "worked" together).  It started with just Andy shoveling sand while I watched.  Then Gabby decided to help.  Once Gabby got tired, Tiki took over.  Then Hays grabbed another shovel.  Dax may have shoveled one scoop of sand tops.  Maggie was inside singing along with Jordin Sparks on her iPod (I caught her in the act much to her dismay.)  Each kid only lasted about four minutes, but they felt like they helped nevertheless.  It was just fun to be together as a family and we only had one shovel to the head (really elbow to the head) accident amidst all of the chaos!

We are headed to the BMX track this afternoon if everyone wakes up from FOB before the afternoon thunderstorms begin. . .

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