Sunday, July 10, 2011

White Water Rafting

BeBe and PaPa are in town.  The kids were SO excited to see them.  BeBe's only request for this trip was that we go rafting as a family.  So, today Andy loaded up the boat and paddles and life jackets and I loaded up the kids and we headed for the river.  Most of us were not too excited about this family rafting day, but it ended up being the best day!  We had SO much fun!  Andy was a super guide (we didn't tip over) and all of the bad attitudes and scared ones wanted to go a second time.  I am hooked!  Hopefully we will do that again so soon!  (I hate it that I don't have pictures, but since I was actually in the raft doing life, I didn't get to record life.)

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the joneses said...

glad you got time to do life, rather than record life. well said! it's the doing that's most important. the rest of us can just have a mental picture!