Thursday, July 7, 2011


I laugh at Andy a lot because he is always checking out his "stats" on his blog and his books and whatever.  Well, last summer he put stats tracking on my blog and now I get it.  I love tracking my stats. . . not so much to know how many, but to know where.

I've been tracking my stats for a year now on Braner Party of 7 and here is what I have learned:

This blog has had over 123,000 pageviews this year.
Team Alexander and Jennafer White are my two top referring sites.
My readers are from all over (listed in order):
     United States
     United Kingdom (thank you, Bowring family)
     Germany (thank you, Carolin)
     Dominican Republic
     Netherlands (thank you, Claudia)
     South Korea

Seriously?!?!  That is so crazy to me!  And my post titled "Stained Glass & Daffodils" has been the most read post this year.  It is so weird to think about all of the people from all over reading my blog that I started to keep my family updated on the life of Braner Party of 7.  So much fun!

Thank you all!  Keep reading and keep commenting (if you are saying nice things)!  I love reading your feedback!

Have a super day!


Gail Miller said...

I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family. Remember when your dad stayed with us during films one year and talked to us for a long time about being nervous because his little girl was starting to grow up. lol
Gail Miller, Edmond

Lesley said...

I'm reading in Rwanda!

Mark and Megan said...

Reading from right here in Colorado - I always feel so encouraged after reading your blog. What a beautiful family you have.