Friday, July 1, 2011

Maggie In Missouri

Wow.  It has been a while since I posted last.  Camp has been BUSY!!!

First of all, HAPPY JULY!  Can you believe it?  Where is this summer going?  I'll be school supply shopping before I know it!

So, Maggie has been in Missouri for the last ten days or so.  She has stayed with my parents and has been getting Scuba certified.  I know that she has had the best time ever!  She loves being there and being the only kid.  She LOVES having Pops at her beck and call!  She has also been enjoying her time with GoGo.

Maggie has also gotten to see Gran'ma and Uncle Cooper and Aunt Missy and her cousins LuLu and Hayden and Samuel (whom she got to meet for the first time).

She got to spend a fun couple of days with her friends Emmy and Haley.  I love seeing the three of them smile together!  My dad said that the day they spent together was one of the most fun days he has had in a while!  The pictures attached are from that day.

Maggie comes home tonight and we are all super excited.  Life is very different without her around and I cannot wait to have her back in our house.  I miss my girl!

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