Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rwanda Adoption Facebook Group

I am SO EXCITED about my new Facebook group:  RWANDA ADOPTION!!!!  I created it yesterday morning and it is rockin' (67 people and counting)!!!  I am loving getting in touch with all of these families.  Part of me feels a little bit left out because I adopted so independently from any one and so many people had groups and now I have a group!  SO FUN!

We are planning a reunion for Memorial Day 2012. . .tentatively in Durango!  What a ball!  That makes me so happy!  I cannot wait!!!  (They just had a great Memorial Day reunion this year and the pictures are adorable!)

So, if you have adopted from Rwanda or are waiting for approval or referral, JOIN!!!  Invited all of the parents of little Rwandan guys and girls to join!  I don't think anything could be more fun for our kids as the years go by than a group like this. . .especially with REUNIONS!!!

If you are a part of the group, please upload a family picture and please give us your blog address if you have one!!!  Thanks!


Our Journey to Africa said...

YAY! This is exciting and we'd love to come to Durango for a reunion next year!!! said...

LOVE it! Great job putting that together. i should try the same from Vanuatu even though I know there have been less than 4 adoptions from there to the US since 2005 including my non documented one! I just added you to a blog post I am working on tonight about national adoption awareness month as a blog buddy who has adopted! Looking forward to getting to know you better! Josh is over there in Silverton right now again and hopes to be home by Fri. Blessings, kristy