Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growing Up...One Shaved Leg At A Time

So, this isn't really thousands of readers worthy, but it is family and for my own memories worthy.  I taught Maggie how to shave her legs.  I remember the first time I shaved (many of you remember the story from my post about why I love summer camp).  It wasn't a great experience.  I was being a 10 year old who was away at camp and whose mother wouldn't let her shave.  (Why not, mom?)  I learned my razor burn lesson the hard way and waited until Junior High until my mom gave me permission to shave. 

Well, Maggie wanted to learn this week, so I taught her.  (I must say--for my own memories--that Hays decided to shave a few weeks ago, so I had to let my daughter. . .a different story for a different time.)  So, I got to teach my oldest daughter to shave.  I got to tell her which ankle bone to watch out for and how that Achilles tendon can be a real killer.  I got to tell her to go slow in order to avoid razor burn and how she needs to put lotion on afterward. 

It was fun.  I've checked off one of those mother/daughter accomplishments.  So, there's my story.  No blood, no red bumps.  We did good!

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ivey patton said...

hays shaved his face? his legs? i remember my first shave and how wild my legs felt under the covers that night in bed. so slick!