Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Time

Wow. . .what a whirlwind!  Wednesday night I decided to go to Branson.  Hmmmmmm. . . . .  My Gran'ma was having surgery on Friday--it had been scheduled for a couple of weeks and I have known about it, but I just kept telling myself that I didn't need to be there.  Then on Wednesday evening, the other part of me won the battle and I was like, "what am I still doing in Durango?  I need to be in Branson!!!"  I was almost frantic as I made that realization and started trying to get myself East at the speed of sound!

The trip was crazy!  By Wednesday night I was on an airplane headed to Denver.  I got to Denver in a blizzard!  We were one of the last flights to land that night.  It was crazy.  So, I got a hotel and I could not find the shuttle bus to the hotel.  (Usually I'm pretty together and "with it," but my emotions had the best of me and I had almost no common sense at this point.)  So, I called the hotel (twice) and they told me that the shuttle service was over for the night.  So, I waited (in a blizzard) in the taxi line and got the last taxi out of the airport due to the weather.  I got to the hotel (right behind the shuttle bus that supposedly didn't exist) and fell asleep hard.  The next morning I was up at four to catch my flight to Tulsa.  The airport was crazy because of all of the canceled flights from the night before and I was so thankful to be holding a ticket.  I made it to Tulsa and the rental car was an even bigger deal.  Long story. . .not very interesting, but after many shed tears, I finally got a car to Branson.  I was almost there!

When I arrived at Gran'ma's house, I was so overcome with emotions (happy, relieved, overwhelmed, sad, worried. . .you name it), that I just crawled into her lap and cried.  It was a moment I will remember for a long time!

Anyway, her surgery went well. . .it went great!  She is feeling so much better and she came out of the surgery with flying colors!  I was so happy!  My uncle Bill had driven up from Texas to take care of her and he and I had the best four days together!  I adore my uncle Bill and we laughed and laughed.  He, for sure, was the highlight of my trip.

I had great time with Gran'ma.  It was good to see my mom and dad for a little bit.  Time with Bill was super.  (To my Branson friends I didn't see, I'm sorry.  This was all about my Gran'ma!)  I also got to go to church on Sunday and that was so REFRESHING!  I didn't realize how much I missed my church!  I truly was REFRESHED!!!!

So, it was a good and quick and crazy long weekend!  I needed a break from Braner Party of 7 and I got an unexpected one!  Now I am ready to go home and be a good mom and wife and I am ready to get camp up and running!  I am refreshed and I am ready to roll!

Also, if you haven't read my post below. . .go download Andy's new book!  Right now it is NUMBER ONE on Amazon (in the Christian and ethics section).  NUMBER ONE!  Wow!  I am so very very proud of my husband!  I love him so much!  Great job, sweetie!

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Kari said...

I'm so glad your gramma is doing better after surgery! Your family is so precious to us!! I'm blogging your yummy recipe on Wed.
Love ya,
PS: I can't wait to get Andy's new book for my kids!!