Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nearly 30 Hours Later. . .

I braided Gabby's hair again. . .this time it took nearly 30 hours.  I started on Wednesday and put in about 7 hours and then about five hours a day since then.  Yikes.  However, it looks MUCH better this time and I am very proud of her new do!

Also, we had a birthday party for Gabs the other day.  The Brawners were here and the McKinnis crew came over, too.  We had ice cream sundaes and Gabby opened our gifts.  It was a fun party!  I'm not a huge over the top birthday party mom, so it was nice and laid back and we loved it.

Abby, Gabby, Maggie, Hays, Kate, Tiki, Dax, Jackson, MJ & Smith

Today we braided all morning and then headed to watch Disney's "African Cats."  It was good.  Jordin Sparks sang in the movie and she did a super job!  Then we headed for a late lunch/early dinner (linner) at our favorite Durango Mexican spot.  Now we're at home thawing out (it has been sleeting/snowing/raining all day) before we brave the weather for church in about an hour.

And then our weekend will be over.  It was a great one!!!  I am ready to get this week going, though.  I have TONS of work to do (tons and tons and tons) and Andy and I will be headed for a little get-away mid-week!  I can't wait!

Happy Easter!


JP's MOM said...

My kids and I call late lunch/early dinner LINNER too! You are the first one I have heard call it that as well. Love it.

Happy Birthday to Gabby!

the joneses said...

I love your candid family photos. Super Mom award for braiding Gabby's hair. It looks awesome. I'm sure she is so proud of her new do!