Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Iron Man (Part I)

Andy made it out of the water onto his bike in great spirits! I am SO VERY VERY VERY PROUD of my hubby! He decided to do this race, he trained hard and he is doing it!

I was nervous like crazy this morning. . .I think I almost threw up. Andy was so calm and so excited and I guess I just felt like someone needed to be nervous, so I took it upon myself to be (dumb).

The morning started early--I don't think Andy slept past 2:00 (so maybe he was nervous) and I got up at 4:40 and we headed out. By 6:45 everyone had to be out of the transition area and they were moving towards the ocean. . .it was dark and VERY windy and chilly. At 7:40 Andy was off in the silver swim cap group of 35-39 year olds.

I saw him come through the transition area after the swim and then I saw him come out of the bike area onto his 50-something mile bike. He looked fantastic and he was smiling!

The biking will be his "easy" part and I think he was looking forward to it.

I'm so proud of him and I cannot wait to give you all update part two in a few hours!


1 comment:

michael jones said...

way to go braner man! proud of you my friend.

miss sitting behind that draft on the flats.