Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leadership Weekend

This weekend we have had our Camp Kivu leadership staff here and it has been so great!  (We miss Lesley and Luke who are still with our Gap Year in the Philippines. . .but we got to Skype with them on Friday.)  We have a great team and summer is going to be fun!  I've been feeding sixteen people three meals a day and I have loved it!  That is one thing I miss about my home in Missouri. . .I had people in my house all of the time. . .rarely was it just the Braners fora meal--sidenote.

I cannot believe that in one week from tomorrow our guys' staff will start arriving.  Crazy how this year is almost over!  Anyway, I just wanted to share pics from the weekend.  Also, for those of you Kivu moms and campers, be sure and check out KivuToday at for updates on the ins and outs of Kivu as the summer gets near and then progresses!  See you all so soon!

The team.
The girls' leadership staff.
The guys' team (minus Luke).
Adam and Katlyn who are getting MARRIED in August!  (Dax will be the ring bearer!)

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