Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April. . .No Fooling!

I cannot believe April is here.  I realize that I say that almost every month, but this time I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart!  April means so many things. . .sun and warm weather and blue skies and flowers (and yucky dust storms). . .but mostly it means that I have got to get moving on camp things. . .lots and lots of camp things!

So, here is what my April looks like.  There are many days without Andy which is sad, but we need to get some campers to Kivu, so it is necessary.  You will also notice that there are no Zumba classes or Body Sculpting classes on the calendar this month.  Apparently I am going to slim down and get toned by staying at home and eating double stuff Oreos.  Who am I kidding?  I only went to one of each class in March, so I'm just assuming that I probably won't make one in April.  Oh well.  Good intentions! 

Andy and I also have two fun "get away" times planned that I am thrilled about!  Next weekend I am heading to Galveston with him to cheer him on in his first ever triathlon.  He is doing a half Iron Man and I am so proud of him (and I am so glad that training will be over)!  And then later in April we are headed for 36 hours in Colorado Springs.  He has a meeting and they are putting us up at Glen Eyrie which is this wonderful castle in the woods where we spent part of our honeymoon summer.  I'm excited for that little get-away before the chaos of summer begins!

Also, BeBe (Andy's mom) is headed out here for five days and our friends, the Brawners (yes, the Brawners and the Braners) are coming to spend Easter with us and we are headed to Moab to mountain bike and hike and camp.  Those blog stories will be priceless. . .guaranteed!

So, here is to April.  I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am anticipating enjoying mine!

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