Monday, April 18, 2011

Allergies Suck (Snot)

Nice title.  I know.  But seriously, if I have to tell Dax one more time, "Dax, STOP SUCKING YOUR SNOT!" I think I'll go crazy.  Silly, though, since I'll probably be telling that to him three more times before I finish this post.

Last year allergies were pretty non-existent.  Maybe because we had over 100 inches of snow and it stayed on the ground until the end of May?  Maybe because our bodies were just so happy to be out of Missouri allergy season that they were saying "thank you" by not being affected by Colorado allergies?  I don't know.  But this year, they are yucky.

Andy is out of town and Dax tends to sleep with me when that is the case, so I spent most of the night telling Dax to quit sucking his snot even from my deep R.E.M.  Maybe that is why it is so on my mind today.  Again. . .who knows?

I'm ready for summer to be here.  Spring is pretty much nothing up here. . .especially in my neighborhood where green lawns and pretty flowers are against the neighborhood covenants.  So, the allergies are even more annoying because there is really nothing to show for it.  The trees don't really get leaves until the end of May and the Lilacs don't come out until then.  So, what are the allergies????

Gabby also has allergies.  Her nose and her eyes are CONSTANTLY running.  And she says "my nose is running off again" or "my eyes are leaking."  Poor thing.

Well, enough about allergies.  Enjoy Spring wherever you are. . .if you are in the Midwest or the South, please enjoy all of the flowers for me!  If you are from Branson and you are driving to Springfield, please please please enjoy all of the different shades of green!  I miss all the greens!!!

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ivey patton said...

omg! come over her and we can gripe together! i am over it! just spent $200 on an inhaler so I WON"T DIE!
And it's so darn gray!